For nearly three decades, GBSM has helped organizations large and small achieve extraordinary things. Here is just a sampling of what we’ve accomplished:

  • Public affairs and communications that helped create the nation’s most modern major airport; today, we are helping to create public transit and other infrastructure facilities.
  • National strategies to help the country’s largest membership organization create social change for and communicate with a booming older population.
  • Communication and planning strategies for western water providers and other utilities.
  • Management and organizational solutions for law firms, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, businesses and governmental entities.
  • Crisis management in settings as varied as universities, national restaurant chains, hospitals, engineering firms and civic organizations.
  • Grassroots social marketing campaigns for improved dental health and prevention of unintended pregnancies.
  • Strategic counsel to help senior managers solve tough problems, reduce risk, gain effectiveness and chart paths for the future.
  • Stakeholder and communications support for one of the world’s most innovative art installations…as well as for a future high-speed rail corridor.

And there is much, much more…

Our clients come to us initially with big dreams as well as complex challenges. What keeps them coming back is the depth of strategic thought, partnership and value we bring to everything we do.