Healthy, clear communication is what can turn confusion, inefficiency and errors into positive progress.
Stephanie McCormick


Stephanie McCormick utilizes her organization and analytic skills to ensure that GBSM’s clients and consultant teams achieve optimal success. With a strong background in research and assessments Stephanie makes certain that the strategies and ideas developed by the client teams she supports can be flawlessly executed.

With a focus on clear communication, Stephanie is driven by building fulfilling interpersonal collaborations and community dialogues. She has experience working with marketing, onboarding communications, customer relationships and travel logistics.

Prior to joining GBSM, she spent two years working in Poland as both an English as a second language teacher and a community manager for a recruitment company that placed and supported English teachers throughout the country. These experiences gave her a solid working foundation in education, business administration, human resources, client relations, marketing and sales. The common denominator among these roles was Stephanie’s ability to tap into her values of bringing people together and facilitating understanding and inclusion between diverse groups.

Stephanie earned her bachelor’s degree from The University of the South (familiarly known as Sewanee). She also earned a master’s degree in philosophy from Colorado State University. A native Tennessean, she is appreciative to find herself back in Colorado with its stunning landscapes and wonderful people. She is passionate about art, nature, and building diverse and inclusive communities. When not working, she can be found river rafting, hiking, skiing and visiting art galleries.

Healthy, clear communication is what can turn confusion, inefficiency and errors into positive progress.
  • Areas of Expertise: Digital communications (online, social, etc.), Internal communications, Meeting and retreat planning and facilitation
  • Industry Specialties: Arts & Tourism, Education, Food Service & Dining
  • Education: M.A., Colorado State University; B.A., The University of the South