We have helped numerous organizations achieve extraordinary results. Here are just a few:

  • Helping a leading public interest organization articulate and communicate its advocacy positions for America’s aging baby boomers.
  • Providing litigation PR for clients of major corporate law firms.
  • Helping national restaurant chains complete crisis planning while responding to labor activists, food-borne illness, animal rights groups and other situations.
  • Consulting chairman and key executives during SEC investigations leading to the sudden change of a company’s CEO.
  • Facilitating a retirement crisis think tank event attended by federal agencies, consumer groups, academics and financial companies.
  • Managing public outreach for initiatives ranging from transportation projects to art installations.
  • Assisting a world leader in independent oil and gas exploration and production with leadership alignment and restructuring of its communications programs to support post-acquisition integration.
  • Directing prenatal and infant dental care public awareness campaign targeting both moms and health professionals in Colorado.