Our Team

We are a team of senior-level professionals with successful track records working in business, news media, government and non-profit organizations before we ever became consultants. We understand the complex nexus of business, government, media and community in which organizations operate today.

We also understand the speed and dynamics of today’s always-on, hyperconnected world. And we recognize the kinds of challenges executives face in this complicated environment. We’ve been there ourselves.

John Baron
Founding Principal
Steve Coffin
Managing Principal
Andy Mountain
Victoria Erfurdt
Director of Finance
Jamie Alvarez
Senior Associate
Michele Ames
Of Counsel
Rachele DiFebbo
Miles Graham
Senior Associate
Bronson Hilliard
Senior Associate
Sheryl Machado
Senior Associate
Andrea Pawlak
Senior Associate
Russ Rizzo
Senior Associate
Gia Tammone
Client/Office Coordinator
Katie Van Scoyk
Client/Office Coordinator
Angela Jo Woolcott
Senior Associate
Hilary Zarlengo
Office Manager